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Character, an exquisite blend of international cuisine and native dishes with a brilliant execution for your delightful experience of these regional gems.

Despite its discreet location inside Hotel Marina Copan and its cozy, low-key ambiance, Glifos Restaurant is all about exuberance and personality. It figures: Glifos has been Copan’s best known eatery for more than two decades, with the promise of a fine-dining experience which has been only perfected through time. This Copan original, opened in 1991, remains a signature eating locale, the epitome of not just its Central American – regional style but also its own character.

Take, for example, the Pollo al Loroco, as described on the menu: ‘Aromatic seasonal Loroco flower and butter contribute to enhance the tenderness and flavor of boneless chicken breasts, embellished with crunchy steamed veggies and rice with local herbs’.

Style of food

Western Honduran meets haute cuisine.

Standout dish

Eden chicken, served in mashed potatoes with mushrooms and apple sauce.

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